Denon component with Marantz AVR


I have a Marantz NR1504 AVR.
I tried the ‘denon’ and the ‘denon_avr’ components, but in both cases I can’t start Home Assistant. In debug log last message I see the home assistant loader (Loaded media_player.denon).
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

What does your config for the component look like?


My actual config:

cat /home/hass/.homeassistant/devices/mediaplayer.yaml 
  - platform: denon
    name: marantz
  - platform: kodi
    port: 8080

Please use the code tags (the </> button in the editor toolbar) to post config snippets, otherwise indentation gets messed up.
Make sure that you have two spaces before “host” and “name”, i.e.:

- platform: denon_avr
  name: 'Denon AVR'

If this doesn’t help, please also post the error message you get (also in code tags).


My config:

  - platform: denon
    name: marantz
  - platform: kodi
    port: 8080

Unfortunately I don’t have any error messages. When I set logging to debug, this is the last 3 lines in log:

16-10-23 12:44:12 homeassistant.loader: Loaded media_player.denon from homeassistant.components.media_player.denon
    16-10-23 12:44:12 homeassistant.loader: Loaded media_player.kodi from homeassistant.components.media_player.kodi
    16-10-23 12:44:12 homeassistant.core: Bus:Handling <Event state_changed[L]: old_state=None, new_state=<state media_player.kodi=idle; supported_media_commands=4927, friendly_name=Kodi @ 2016-10-23T12:44:12.790626+02:00>, entity_id=media_player.kodi>

OK, one step closer. After AVR restart, I can start Home Assistant, but the AVR controls are missing from the dashboard, and I can’t see the entity in dev tools.
There are also no error messages.

Your config looks ok, that’s good.
If the component is unable to configure the device correctly, there should be some messages in the normal log file (i.e. the “( i )” button in the frontend).

I don’t know about your model, but mine has an option to disable networking in standby mode.
At least in my case, the denon and denon_avr controls behave a little strange, when they can’t reach the device at all.
So maybe it’s best to leave networking in standby enabled.

Maybe also try this one:


My receiver doesn’t disable net in stdby mode. (I can reach the webui, telnet, and I can turn on with ios app.)

With ‘denon’ component the normal log is empty.

With ‘denon_avr’ component the Home Assistant hangs at start, the log is empty, and I can’t reach the hass webui.

So I stucked here. :frowning:

Ok, I’m out of ideas too :frowning:
It should work more or less out of the box with this config.

OK, thank you!
Next weekend I will try to rewrite the component. I have no better idea. :wink:

For use with the denon_avr (HTTP-based) component, see if you can reach, and
Those should give you XML documents containing various status items used by the component.


OK, it’s working now. :slight_smile:

how did you solve?

The solution was very simple: user error.
It was a typo at ip address after I checked it twice. :slight_smile:

Hallo! Wasn’t sure who I should talk to about this - I’ve tested the Denon component with an RCD-N8 (it’s listed on the component’s documentation page as ‘untested’) and I’ve found it doesn’t work. @piotr-zuralski ?
I’m not saying ‘make it work!’ I’m simply saying how do I edit the page to reflect the face it’s now tested?