Denon vs HEOS integrations?

What are the differences and purposes of the Denon HEOS integration vs the Denon AVR Network Receivers integration? I seem to be able to add both for the same singular piece of hardware.

Yes. They are both media player integrations for Denon products.

HEOS is Denons wireless speaker line of products. AVR is their AV Reciever lines.

Also HEOS is connecting through Denon account vs AVR being local IP. AVR product may likely be connected through HEOS but in the end both integration offer same functionality.

Just to clarify, if I have zero wireless speakers, I am not using HEOS and thus do not need that integration for anything?

Yes. Not sure if wireless speakers could use the AVR integration but HEOS definitely not need for surround receiver.

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But, using the HEOS integration can give you something extra in some cases.

The AVR integration does control the receiver, but can not see, what media is played. It only select the input, changes volume and other settings.

But, if you are playing some media, like internet radio or Spotify, the HEOS integration is able to control your playlist and show the info over the media being played.

So, yes, you don’t need HEOS, but using it can give more options, even when not having any wireless speakers attached. :wink:


This is completely accurate. I’ve been dealing with this issue now. Using mini media player (GitHub - kalkih/mini-media-player: Minimalistic media card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI) the interface looks great. But I can’t see album information from my Denon zone entities unless I use the HEOS service. Basically, I’m going to need to replicate the HEOS app in Home Assistant.

Sorry to bring back and old thread, but I just found these 2 integrations, and I’m confused which one to use.

I see they have slightly different options.

The AVR one can switch source and sound mode. Also this one shows the correct on/off state, and the current source .e.g (TV audio). It can also toggle the on/off state.

The HOES one has a “Browse media” button. I don’t honestly get why this one has that button, but the other one doesn’t. Both are media players, so can’t I just send whatever media to them? This integration also doesn’t have on/off state toggling or sound mode switching. The state is also a little weird, it stays on “idle” when I watch the TV and doesn’t display the correct volume (also when I watch TV).

For me it seems that the HEOS one only displays what is played with the HEOS app, not other stuff that is directly played on the AVR. Is that correct?

I will probably keep both (since… why not), but the AVR one looks more useful, at least for my use case, since I don’t plan to use HEOS much

I use both too. One to control the Amp’s functions, one to control the online streaming media. A power user just NEED both :wink:


I need your help because for some time I can’t get but Heos Link HS1 with Heos home assistant integration.

Equipment :

  • 1 x Marantz AV7704
  • 2 x Heos link HS1

During the integration I can get my Marantz but not my two heos link HS1.

I don’t understand because it worked before.

Thanks for your help.

Hey there, welcome to HA forums.

You may want to start your own topic to get help on this issue.

In case anyone’s interested: here’s my universal media player config combining Denon and HEOS in a single media player

  • has an ON/OFF button via Denon (missing from HEOS)
  • has “Sound Mode” selector via Denon (missing from HEOS)
  • volume control via Denon (more fine-granular than HEOS)
  • otherwise like HEOS (including album art etc.)

just replace media_player.denon_avr_x2700h and media_player.denon_avr_x2700h_heos with your own entities.

  - platform: universal
    name: Denon
    unique_id: denon_universal_remote
    device_class: receiver
      - media_player.denon_avr_x2700h # Denon AVR Integration
      - media_player.denon_avr_x2700h_heos # Denon HEOS Integration
    browse_media_entity: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h_heos
        service: media_player.turn_off
          entity_id: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h
        service: media_player.turn_on
          entity_id: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h
        service: media_player.volume_up
          entity_id: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h
        service: media_player.volume_down
          entity_id: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h
        service: media_player.select_sound_mode
          entity_id: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h
          sound_mode: "{{ sound_mode }}"
      sound_mode: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h|sound_mode
      sound_mode_raw: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h|sound_mode_raw
      sound_mode_list: media_player.denon_avr_x2700h|sound_mode_list