Denon x3700H no control from within the HA

Evening all, has anybody got any experience with denon avrs integration to the home assistant?

I find myself with x3700H being detected by the HA, providing appropriate information (eg. HDMI1 when HDMI is selected, correct on/off state) but complete inability to change anything from within the HA (but changes from outside the HA, through remote or ios app are immediately effected in the HA).

Changing the state, etc, through the “hammer tools” also doesn’t work.

Any advice on how to debug? Thank you


Repeated attempts at removing and adding denon again and again worked

I do have a x3600H and it works fine…

That’s awesome.

Wish, I could help you, but no clue, where to begin with. So stating that mine does work is just to remind you, that the integration it self is actually OK :wink:

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It’s worked eventually!

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