Denos HEOS support


Would be great if you could implement support for Denon HEOS speakers.
I found this PDF file describing quite good the “api” for the speakers:

I not that good in programming myself, but I have created some simple python scripts for communicating with the API from HA using shell scripts. But an component would be really good to have.

/Jo Christian

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You definitely should have a go at writing the component yourself, having done little Python I’ve just done one for Russound support in < 24 hours.

Did you write the Russound plugin included in 0.25?

Yeah I did.

really would like support for heos… this is the only thing I’m missing at the moment since I migrated from Domoticz to Hass. Unfortunately I do not have python programming skills (yet :slight_smile: )

Just registering my interest in this too. It would be great to see this added. Learning python is on my to-do list, but I’m still at ‘hello world’ right now…

I am interested in this too. The link in the first post in broken… can someone relink this…

Would also love HEOS Support in Home-Assistant :hearts:

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+1 for this, would love to have HEOS support

I think it is this doc (found this via the Reddit Heos forum) -$FILE/HEOS_CLI_PROTOCOL_Specification_290616.pdf

Here is the official documentation from denons own site ( yes it is officially published now)

Is somebody could have a look here ?

Platform not found: media_player.aioheos

Question: How to declare the platform as it is placed in a custom_components directory in .homeassistant
I will dig in the doc , but if somebody know , it could be faster

Who can help ? is there a solution ?

Great find! Will try myself this weekend
Please post your config for me to help you troubleshoot

I finally got it to work. Have a look at

I’ve followed those steps, but still have some issues getting this installed. However, it’s great that this is working for you - it just means I need to persevere!

Since this component seems to exist and work, what has to happen to make it “official”?

Just installed it and it seemed to work, but after a hass restart it stopped working. According to hass the HEOS is off which offcourse isn’t. I don’t see any errors …Any ideas?

I agree with above please contribute to make official.
This is even more importanty now with Hassio since theyonly support official components.

Hey guys, this is great!! Question, looks like it’s only intended to support a single speaker though?

Hi there.

I’m just beginning to use HASS. And I too would appreciate integration with HEOS, but I understand that it’s hard to do with the available API’s/documentation “made available” by HEOS.

What I encourage EVERYONE that wants to see this working do is: Write to HEOS. Go to the website, raise a ticket and request an API for 3rd parties to integrate with other products (like Sonos does). Once Denon/HEOS has done this, making the integration with HASS should be easy.