Dependencies when Updating with pip


I’m running Home Assistant Core installed with pip under Debian Bullseye. After upgrading to 2021.4.2 with

pip install --user --upgrade homeassistant homeassistant-cli home-assistant-frontend

I still had an old version of the frontend (I was looking forward to testing the automation traces, but did not see any; eventually I realized the fronted didn’t upgrade). The version in pip was updated, but the deps folder still had an old version. The issue was resolved after I removed the whole deps folder and restarted.

Is upgrading via pip generally supported? Should deps get upgrades automatically also in this case?

Is it sensible to just remove deps in case of issues? At least it seems to have the advantage that old integrations (that I removed via the frontend) also get cleaned up.

Thanks, Andreas

Yepp! Running HA since four years upgrading with pip.
But i recomment a python venv to prevent dependencies with other python programs.

Not sure about the deps folder, mine is always empty.
Don’t know what i did for this at the moment.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m using a separate user for home-assistant, that is not used for anything else. In this case, venv would not have any additional benefits, correct?

Not sure. I had problems with installing AppDaemon in the same environment a while ago.
It’s also easier to deal with different python versions.