Deploy two of more zigbee2mqtt on one hassio instance?

I can install zigbee2mqtt and dev version of it on same instance , but only one works.
but i need 2 different to work with livolo switches in one and other zigbee devices in separeted channel.
any ideas ?

Let me guess, you try to run two times the zigbee2mqtt add-on ?

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yes, i have 2 zigbee usb stick, and second instance of zigbee2mqtt just not start.

2 times the add-on will not work. They have the same docker signature.

You have some options :

1/ Use one with zigbee2mqtt, and one with zha
2/ Use one with with the add-on, and use portainer to install the normal docker zigbee2mqtt container
3/ If you use HA Supervised, install zigbee2mqtt on bare metal for one, use the add-on for the second.

Don’t forget to have separate panid and channels on each instance !

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ty i will try

add repository with trailing slash or add www. at the beginning of the url
change data path in addon configuration

change network pan id
change network channel
change mqtt topic