Deployment with Ansible

Hi All,

I currently use Ansible to deploy all of my servers at home, I find it makes it easier if i mess up some configuration its easy to rollback or to rebuild if required.

I am writing up an Ansible playbook for deploying hassio, so far i can deploy hassio onto centOS, download my config from github etc.

How can I install the addons for Hassio via a command line or some other way with ansible?


Hi @marksie1988 funny I come across your post today.

I am also looking at doing this with my HA setup.

There should be a repo of the docker that we can use that in the play book to build the containers

Has anyone made progress figuring out an ansible installation? I’m additionally confused by the distinction between installing “Home Assistant” via Docker and “”, which appears to want to be installed by running a bash script.

I’m also interested in this. Currently reviewing the bash script to figure out what it does.

Have you guys seen this:

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That installs home assistant rather than hassio

I’ve started building a role here:

I’ve not tested it yet likely will in the next few days

When using ansible and HA updates - how would those get managed? HA tends to control itself, and it wants to remain that way.

I have HA on an Ubuntu system via Docker. I’m not using Hassio.

Ah, Sorry! I like to be able to mess with the under workings of Home Assistant so I stick with manual builds. Good luck!

Ok I have finally got something working, after a lot of messing about and errors along the way I have a fully functioning Ansible Hassio role that will deploy hassio as expected.

I have also added a module that allows you to install / remove addons, this is not yet tested and im hoping to get that tested over the next few days.