Deprecated API

Hi hope I posted to the correct thread
I recently got an depreci on Google API key

"The 'api_key' option (with value 'XXsafdsgjkgrXX') is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration...."

I un-comment in VSC… Config check shows up fine, I go and restart HA and it keeps hanging. Luckily I am able to Samba in to turn the API key back on. It reboots fine, any thoughts?
I’m up to date on 104.x just did today 1/18/2020 with Hassio Pi 3b+… nothing in the logs

Did you try checking the google assistant docs for the new config?

Hi thanks David.
I have looked and I guess I need to have a JSON now.
I don’t see an example of the format except what’s stated in the docs

service_account: !include SERVICE_ACCOUNT.JSON

Service account information. You can use an include statement with your downloaded JSON file, enter data here directly or use secrets file to populate.


Private key in PEM format

Not messed with this much.

Have you David?
Has anyone ran into this deprecation? and care to share an example?

Please and thanks

I just downloaded the json from Google Console. You don’t need to write it yourself.

Oh ok so the Actions on Google Console then thx

Where exactly do you get the JSON in Google Console? I’ve been looking around, but come up with nothing.

here’s HA link.

I found it under Googles - Google Cloud Platform under a sub cat Create service account key.
Haven’t gotten any further messing around

See this link. It’s in the section above that it tells you how to create the service account key and download it. Don’t skim the instructions…

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