Deprecation of Modbus.restart

Since 2 Weeks, HA informs me that with 2024.11 ‘modbus.restart’ will be removed.

Not sure where to look, but I haven’t been able to find any more info so far about the reasoning and possible replacements.
As I rely on this functionality to make unreliable modbus compoments keep working, I am looking for an alternative to do this, without regularly completely restarting HA itself.

For the time beeing, I have an automation in place, that looks for specific modbus components and when they are unavailable for 5 minutes, the modbus hub is restarted. Afterwards the communication works again. For tests I changed the functionality to modbus.reload, but this yielded no functional result.

What would be my best course of action to prevent my setup from breaking with 2024.11?

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For the sledgehammer approach you could use a smart switch, a shelly switch or relay driven from your code that determines if “they are unavailable for 5 minutes”.

I could be completely wrong, but hope it helps.

As the modbus component in question is a heatpump, I doubt this is something I should be doing, thank you though