Deprecation of SolarEdge yaml

Removing core features like Deprecate SolarEdge YAML configuration by frenck · Pull Request #48533 · home-assistant/core · GitHub seems to be nothing short of a Bait-and-switch - Wikipedia action for an outsider. How is breaking your platform good for users? (And, yes, I can read that you said something about that two years ago, but ultimately doing configuration only via GUI is absolutely useless. Do you really want other developers to have to design tools to automate your UI configuration again? Are you parts of a jobs program or something? )

I find it hard to underestimate the ignorance of configuration management that goes into such mistakes.

The architecture decision on that is nearly two years old. In the time since there have been many threads “debating” the decision, but there is nothing to debate, and no value in going over old ground.

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