Description field for devices

As I have more and more Zigbee devices added to my HA environment, I feel a need to save additional information to a description field. For example, I have 3 motion sensors which are detected as exactly the same model. But 1 of them is a little different and has in fact a different retail model name. I would like to store that information in a description or label field. As there is currently no description field available and I don’t want to put all info in the device name field, what would other options be?

And what do you think about the suggestion to add a description field to a device so you can store additional information about the device besides a name and the area?

You can add custom attributes to any entity.

As long as they share a common entity id pattern you can use customize_glob to add the attribute to all the entities from a particular device by using wildcards (*) for the domain and end of the id.

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Thank you. So if I want to add a description to every device, I could add a customization to the device class? I only want to add an attribute, not a value, because every device object instantiated from the device class can have a different value for the description.