Description for scripts / services

Hey all,

where do I put descriptions for my self created scripts / services?
(I am configuring the scripts directly in yaml)

What I am looking for is to add information like the following:
instead of this not very helpful one:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think you’ll need to elaborate. Where do you want this description to display?

Maybe they mean this?

    description: My script to do some tuff
        description: The first field
        example: Hello World
        description: The second field
        example: 1234
        description: The last field
        example: true

:+1: :+1: thanks that did the trick

Is the same possible for shell_commands and python_scripts?
If yes could you describe how? As I do not create a yaml file where I could put these for python scripts and my shell_commands do no longer work if I just add the subkey “description” :confused:

I’m afraid I don’t know about that…

Automations are defined using YAML and one of the options is called description which is displayed in the UI (Configuration > Automations).

Shell scripts are not defined in YAML and do not have a description property. You are free to add comments to a shell script but they will not be displayed in the UI. A line starting with # is treated as a comment.

Python_scripts are defined in python, not YAML. You can add comments to python but they are not shown in the UI. A line starting with # is treated as a comment.

Hi, sorry to open this but I am having the same trouble.
I am running Hassio 2020.12.7 (current)
My scripts are set in confiuration.yaml with

script: !include_dir_merge_named scripts

Whatever I put in the description field it does not appear in the Developer Tools / service.
Welcome any advice.
Regards David

Great, so you can add descriptions but they are just not visible in the GUI (like you can see with automations).
Any plans to expose the description field in the GUI?