Detailed Monitoring Display with improved time-date stamping

When clicking on a monitor It would be more helpful if the timestamp gave detailed information other than “1 day ago”, one day ago and how many hours?

While traveling I would like more specific data about how long the garage door has been closed or how long the water well ran besides trying to touch the time graph.

Provide at lease the last date, Time Hours and Minutes the monitor has been in the current state.


You actually have all that information available to you via automation trigger.to_state and trigger.from_state. So you could create an automation that stores in a template sensor the trigger.from_state.last_changed and trigger.to_state.last changed. Subtracting these numbers will give you the previous state time and subtracting trigger.to_state.last_changed from now() will give you the present state time. This could then be displayed in the UI. Check out this link

I agree with your point but I’ve just gone though that exact exercise with one switch.
It’s quite involved.
And what the OP is suggesting is a lot more involved, but if it a available as a routine called on any entity clicked on it would be worth the effort and reused for any entity as they all expose the same attributes. Though it would be completely useless for some entities eg sensor.temp, sensor.time etc.

Billy you can vote for your own request you know ?

I have seen this, it sounds like a lot of work if your monitoring a lot of sensors, but I will try it, thanks!