Detect arrival at home

I want to get an actionable notification when I get home. So I created this automation:

alias: Get Home
description: ""
   - platform: zone
     entity_id: person.eloi
     zone: zone.home
     event: enter
condition: []
   - service: notify.mobile_app_iphone_eloi
       message: At Home
       title: Open door?
           - action: open_door
             title: Open Door
mode: single

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, I get the notification too late.

Can you help me to improve it?

Note: I pay for the Nabu Casa service to receive the notifications outside from my home.

Use the preformatted text button for your config </> do not quote it.

Does your device tracker update promptly when you get home?

Prefomatted text done :sweat:

I think the iPhone is reporting my location correctly. I can see all my movements in the daily register section.

I have created a larger area around my house to detect my arrival early.

Correctly ok, but promptly?

Check its history compared to when you arrive home.