Detect if device is used with compagnion app

Can i detect if a Android tablet device is touched when the screen is on.
I want to dim the screen when not used and set brighness to full when it is touched.
i cannot find it at Sensors | Home Assistant Companion Docs.

I know you can see when a device is set on/off. But that is not wat i want. I want to keep the screen on with a little brightness so you can always see the stats (barely)

someone got a suggestion for this?

Wouldn’t know of a sensor in the companion app.

I’m doing something similar with Fully Kiosk Browser on the tablet in combination with Browser-Mod in HA. You can use the built-in camera from the tablet to power on the screen, and after a customizable amount of time it goes back to sleeping mode (or to a dim or a screensaver).

Checkout Browser-Mod for more info:

Looking into it. Maybe this can work