Detect more frequent activity with Lutron Caseta motion sensors

Hello, presently whenever a Lutron Caseta motion sensor or group of sensors is triggered, their state is set to ‘on’ and they don’t switch to the ‘off’ state until no motion has been detected after the timeout configured on the sensor. It’d be useful to know if the sensor has detected further motion since it was triggered. Is there any way to obtain this information currently? If not is it possible to do with the integration?

No, this is a hardware limitation.

Correct, the Lutron sensors detect motion internally and report vacancy and occupancy externally. This saves battery life (I’ve got some that have been up for literally 10 years now). You’d need to structure your logic based on the sensors telling you that info, not active movement within the sensor’s range. There’s nothing exposed on the Lutron side to tell a sensor to reset it’s timeout interval.