Detect PC restart

I’m currently running System Bridge on a couple of Windows PCs for monitoring; I have the HA integration installed, but I’m not finding a way to trigger an event when a monitored PC is restarted.

Is this not something System Bridge can do? Is there a better solution that can do this?

what do you want to do, what event do you want to run?
system bridge will only monitor.
hass agent can do a number of “events”

You can do something as simple as just issue a REST API call to Home Assistant to toggle a switch or “press” a button when your computer starts. You could install curl for windows to do it or even just have it send a request on your browser.

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I want to trigger an automation when a remote PC restarts. Thanks, I’ll check out hass agent!

That’s how I’m doing it now (a link in the startup folder) but it’s pretty hacky, requires setup on each remote PC, and seems redundant when HA is already “connected” to them through System Bridge. Sounds like I’ll need to switch to something better.

Curl has been built into windows since 2018.

I haven’t used Windows since before that so I’ll take your word on it :slight_smile: