Detected away when changing wifi

Hello All,
The device tracker for my phone’s companion app changes to Away when I am still in my zone but I change to another wifi network. However it does not change to Away when I just disconnect my wifi. I guess the built-in device tracker for the companion app decides that disconnecting wifi is okay but being on a different wifi means I’m not at home… hmmm, is there any way to change the way this sensor operates?

I noticed a problem when I got a vehicle with wireless android auto and ford sync and when I start the vehicle it shows my phone being on a new wifi network and the device tracker thought I was away. Simple solution was to add the new wifi name of the vehicle to my companion app’s home wifi networks. Still, what if I don’t want it to work that way, suppose I only want it to show me as Away based on my GPS location alone? But I still want to have the wifi ssid sensor enabled for other purposes. Again I ask, is there any way to change the way the built-in device tracker operates?

I did make a binary template sensor that goes to Away only when both conditions are satisfied (the wifi is not on my home network AND my gps is outside my zone). This works well for most of my automations. And I realize this workaround is a perfectly viable solution. The template sensor is better suited to certain automations that I don’t want falsely triggered, while the built-in device tracker (as it is now) is better suited to automations that you don’t want failing to trigger. Great so really I don’t have a problem since I can choose which sensor to use for each automation. But I guess it’s my OCD because I still want to know if there’s any way to change the way the built-in device tracker operates… Anyone?