Detecting I am Home is Very Slow

I was looking to make it so when I get home an outdoor light turns on.

However, it takes about 2 or 3 minutes of me physically being at home for HA to pick up I am now home (which defeats the object).

I am using a Xiami Note 9 5G with the Home Assistant App.

Is it best to create a new rule for this which has a bigger radius of where I live?

The device tracker depends on when Google sends the geofencing event to the app. You can try to create a bigger radius or if your device connects to wifi pretty fast use the wifi connection sensor. That sensor will update immediately upon a state change.

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What are you using to detect if you are home? Depending on what method (Wifi, gps location)
There can be a big delay before anything happens.

I use the unifi integration and it triggers whenever i enter my wifi (which extends outside)

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