Detecting portable power station battery remaining

Has anyone had any luck making the amount of charge left on a portable power station available in Home Assistant? (e.g. Anker SOLIX F1200 or Ugreen Portable Power Station Lifepo4)

I know there’s an Ecoflow integration through HACS, but I’m wondering if there are more options available that work well.

My goal is to let Home Assistant enable charging of the power station in certain conditions, e.g. when energy pricing is low, there’s a solar energy surplus, or when the power station is almost empty, regardless of other conditions.

The aforementioned Ugreen device has an app that appears to work over either Wifi or Bluetooth, but haven’t seen someone try to integrate it – or did I miss anything?

Bumping this to see if there are any plans to add integrations for these newfangled Portable Power Stations.

I am also looking for any way to get at least basic information from a Solix C1000 into HA. Searching around online there doesn’t appear to be much out there.