Detecting when I'm in a video call on my laptop


I work from home, and I’m often in video calls. I’d like to be able to perform actions when I go in and out of meetings. My laptop runs Ubuntu, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to write a script to run locally to work out whether or not I’m in a meeting.

So my question is this: how should I hook up the calling of the remote script so that I can use it in HA to trigger actions?


You could make a command_line sensor to call a script over ssh on your laptop.

I would publish a topic to mqtt and trigger an automation with it.

The first step would be figuring out how to detect whether you are in a meeting or not. After that is pretty easy and you can use the REST API to feed your status into HA or by using MQTT.

In this case you want to push the status rather than have HA pull it since your laptop may not always be on.

Aha, just pushing in to MQTT makes a lot of sense.


equitable decision :relaxed: