Determing cost of running garage heater

Can someone confirm that if my garage heater is a 75,000 BTU model. That means it uses 75,000 BTU’s per hour of use.

My bill is in therms. 1 therm = 100,000 BTU’s

I track how long the heater has been on. In 2021, it ran for a total of 90 hours.

90 hours x 75,000 BTU’s per hour = 6,750,000 BTUS

6,750,000 / 100,000 = 67.5 therms

So my heater used 67.5 therms all of 2021.

67.5 x $1 (per therm) = $67.50

If the heater is fired on and off at 75,000 btu then yes. Do you have any fuel adjustment charges? Those vary on the price of natural gas and can be significant. Do you have a peak rate charge on gas?

Heres my bill breakdown. Obviously cost of gas will change based on what provider pays. I dont see any sort of peak rate surcharge.


So the real cost of your gas is 0.97044. The weather event is when the collapse of Texas grid spiked energy prices. This will eventually go away after your utility has recouped the cost. So now the cost is 1.0483 per therm.

If you want to compare to NYMEX and the cost of a MMBTU traded multiply your cost by 10. So delivered to your house the cost is $10.483 per MMBTU. NYMEX:QNN is $3.815 per MMBTU today. So you pay $6.668 per MMBTU for the transportation and overhead for the utility to deliver it to your door.

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