Determining if it will rain (or be cloudy) today

Or, really - a binary sensor that can be configured such that if it’s going to rain, or be cloudy, or any number of predicted calculations depending on need.

My current desire would be to have a binary sensor go from “off” to “on” if Dark Sky predicts rain for today. (I want to send the sensor to a magic mirror (alongside others) to be an interesting way to let me know if I could go topless in my jeep today.) But really, anything. Hey, it’s going to be really nice out (as I define it) - bring your fishing pole to work for the drive home… etc.


I have a ‘bad weather’ template sensor that I use to predict whether I need to allow extra time for journeys. It returns ‘snow’, ‘frost’ or ‘heavy rain’ based on some maths magic of the darksky sensors, or ‘clear’ if none of the above apply.

It’s in my environment package, here…

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Maybe you can add to it, or edit it for your needs.

That’s great! Thank you for the example - I think that points me in the proper direction. Am I right in thinking that the value_template can be utilized in a sensor to simply have it be an “on” or “off”?

The dark sky sensor has a precipitation probability. It would be possible to create a template from that if you wanted an on/off if the probability is below a certain value.

Edit: Just like @anon43302295 did.

That value template is a sensor, that returns the values as described. You can then use those values as triggers or conditions in automations or whatever you want.

Gotcha. Thanks again!