Determining lock features (and more general hardware features)

Pretty new to HA, I have a few lights set up, an outlet plug on the way, and I’m looking for a front door lock to add. I’ve been looking at the Yale Assure and Schlage Connect locks. I’d like to be able to add and remove PIN codes through the zwave network. My understanding is that some locks can do this but some can only lock/unlock through zwave, codes must be added via the keypad on the hardware. I can’t really find information on which of those two cases these locks fit into. And more generally, I’m not sure how to look at a piece of hardware and figure out what is and isn’t going to work well for HA. Does anyone have any advice on how someone new to HA should get started sorting all this out?

I had Yale and since they have not updated the zwave hardware on their locks I bought Schlage Zwave instead. I am currently installing Kwymaster to be able to change codes. Lot of people have been able to use Keymaster addon for Schlage Zwave locks.