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I own an ERL Wifi from Eesmart that permit to get electric data consos.
Eesmart is developing a new firmware to get local data conso without any cloud (now consospy) but it’s longer and longer.

I’m not developpers so I’m looking for help to work on this to home assistant.

Also to know if there’re others d2l owners and HA users looking for this.

Here some docs supports :
Consospy (eesmart cloub) API :

Github of D2L plugin on french eddomus box (this topic is certainly oriented french power meter linky users)

Enedis doc on Linky TIC frame :

Forum topic for eedomus :

Forum topic for jeedom :


Eesmart is just upload an update of D2L setup that allows to choose a local server adress for the data sended byt the ERL.
The new notice is there :

Any developers to work on an HA integration that support D2L ?

New source that seems interesting about :


I just got the confidential documentation about how I could make a local server.
For now I working on a Node Red custom node to get values sent by the D2L.
Release comming soon…

I also just got it this morning from Eesmart support.
If I can help you to debug or test anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Good luck !

First version is out if you want to try it


I try your code but only have this error :
[info] [tcp in:1a65afe.be98d5] Error: read ECONNRESET

The value of headers.payloadType is unkown

Hello Tokapi, can you make an issue on github ?

I release the 0.1.1 version to add more debug data for unknown payload type.

I made some improovements since my last update, check the changelog for more info on github.
You can also join our discord :


I’m trying to setup the eeSmartD2L with your add-on.

I created:

  • a node red server on hassio using Home Assistant Community Add-on: Node-RED,
  • tcp-in node with port 7845
  • set the ip adress of my Hassio with port 7845 on the D2L using the app

Even though I can see on my router the D2L connected to the wifi, the Node Red server doesn’t receive any data.

Would you have any idea on what could be wrong in my set-up?


Did you try the new version 1.0.0 ?
Come on discord to talk about it