Dev Tools –> Template – WTH isn't it refreshing automatically?!


I’d like to suggest a slight improvement for Dev Tools –> Template section.
I often use it to test my templates. It’s quite annoying that if I want to observe how template behaves I need to refresh it manually by:

  1. Focusing on text area
  2. Adding or removing a dummy character to make it reload (and break).
  3. Remove or add said character to make template render as it should.

Why the heck can’t it update each second?
If above isn’t possible – Why the heck isn’t there any button to reload it manually?


Or even better use the same system that extracts entity ids from sensor templates to monitor for changes and have a refresh based on these listeners rather than polling.

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I added a refresh button, as that is easy to do for now and will be of much help probably.


Neato! :ok_hand:t2: Many thanks!

We can also subscribe to the template instead, so we get send updates when it changes.