Develco Frient ZigBee Devices Experience

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Has anyone tried out the Develco Frient ZigBee devices with ZHA?

I’ve ordered a couple of devices to test it out. But I was curious if anyone was already using them.

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I was interested in this as well. Looking to buy their zigbee electricity meter and was wondering how well it would integrate.

I’ve bought a few devices… made a GitHub issue.

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Hey @Veldkornet have you managed to write a quirk for the smoke sensor? I am very new into this, go a couple of these sensors and only the temperature works. Thanks.

Nope, but if you check the GitHub issue I made and it’s links, some other people have made some progress.

I’m waiting for it to be put into ZHA though.

So I’m having real issue connecting and I am not prepared to spend the time one ‘quirks’. I’m just looking for smoke detectors that work with ZHA. Any suggestions?

Honnestly? I’ve ended to switch to zigbee2mqtt, with a much better compatibility :slight_smile:
(so to answer your quesiton : no idea)

Thanks for the feedback.

The battery values on the smoke detector are weird. It shows as ‘unavailable’ but provides attributes that make no sense. The UOM is ‘%’ but the battery_voltage attribute reports 2.9. I know that the nominal voltage is 3V, so I just created a template sensor that reports:

{{ state_attr('my_smoke_detector','battery_voltage') / 0.03 }}

I’ve now switched to zigbee2mqtt as well and it all seems to be working okay.