Develop Google Assistant accessible smart device provisioning system

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User needs to be common between Google Assistant and our device

Device - ID, the public key, and private key

Cloud Service, Firebase DB, REST service

Actions on Google

Cloud IoT Core - device registry (server)

MQTT client (NextErgo app or service within Smart Tablet) (Client)

  1. Create a device registry in Google Cloud IoT Core
  2. Add device(s) to the registry
  3. Store private key in the device
  4. Print device metadata + public key on a QR code
  5. Create a device registration page within the NextErgo app
  6. The NextErgo app scans the QR code
  7. The NextErgo app creates a record in the device_registration table real-time Firebase DB and marks the device as a pending registration

We spent lots of time to develop this type of system but could not get success. Out smart device is controlled by our dedicated android app which supposed to maintain the mqtt connection with iot core. That measn our android application will be treated as the smart device.

We really need help to develop this system.

For example how syska led has developed this type of system to authorize google assistant to control via voice commands.

I hope you understand.
Thanks in advance in hope that you definitely will help us or guide us.

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