Developer page - timezone?

Is there a way to make the “developer” page show my local timezone for attributes instead of GMT?

Right now its showing everything for automation attributes as GMT which is annoying to look at. last_triggered: 2020-08-05T22:15:21.163895+00:00

I’d rather it show in the timezone that is set for the system and shows everywhere else (Eastern/US in my case)

No. What you see there are datetime values in the actual format they are stored (UTC).

You can do it in templates as follows

{{ as_timestamp(utcnow()) | timestamp_local }}

I get this in MST - 2022-02-27T10:58:03.143118-07:00. UTC would be 2022-02-27T17:58:03.143118-07:00

Data is stored in UTC (not GMT).