Developer SSH Instructions Removed From Documentation

Not sure if this is the correct place to discuss this, but here goes:

With the recent news that the generic linux host installation method might be deprecated, I began playing around with the HassOS version of home assistant to see if I could achieve what I had so far in my current installation (generic host). Nearly everything I needed could be done, except mounting a cifs drive to access a Plex library. The mount command is present when SSH’d into hassio, however Plex is unable to see changes.

After much digging around I found the Hassio Remote Debug addon in the developer repository ( via the Supervisor Debug documentation (

SSHing into Hassio this way allowed me to mount the network drives in a way that made them accessible everywhere.

My issue here, is that on May 12, 2020, the Supervisor Debug documentation was edited to remove all of the guidance on using the Remote Debug addon. Why were instructions on such a useful tool removed? I’ve seen countless threads on mounting a network drive for countless use cases, and the one way that seems to allow this has had all documentation removed.

I think this doc page should be brought back because it’s been reference in a number of other threads for the exact reason stated, and it supplies very useful tools for customizing home assistant installations.