Developer Tools/Listening to events of specific entity

I probably just miss something totally obvious, but for the life of me I can’t find how to listen to events (state_changed in my case) for a specific entity only in developer tools/events. Last time I did that (a while ago) the UI still had an entity selection on top, but now it no longer has something like that.
Doing it for all is totally pointless, as I am flooded with such events from the vast amount of entities in my setup as soon as I start listening.

I don’t recall it ever offered the ability to listen for events affecting only a specific entity. It only offers to listen for a specific event. If you choose the state_change event, it affects many entities.

Do you remember which version let you choose the entity as well?

Honestly: no, I don’t remember. And maybe I was just dreaming…
But I once wrote an automation for an Ikea Symfonisk volume control (like a year ago…), and I am pretty sure I observed the concrete eventing behaviour at that time listening to the emitted events of just this very device.

Are you certain you were listening for state_change events and not the events reported by whichever Zigbee integration you are using for the Symfonisk volume controller (like zha_event)? The available blueprints for the Symfonisk volume controller all listen for these integration-specific events (not state_change).

Regardless of the answer, what you are asking for isn’t currently available.

Hi All,
The list (overview?) of active listeners isn’t complete. There are several other event types that I can listen to, which are not in this list. And if I make a typo or just types in something gibberish like stars_stripes_event and click start listening, it makes no effort to check if that is a valid event or not. Where/how can I find a list/overview of all valid events that can be listened to?

Because custom events are supported.


Fire an event

Developer Tools > Events > Active listeners

Developer Tools > Events > Active Listeners doesn’t show everything. As an example I can type netatmo_event and click Start listening ad it will show all webhook events fro my Netatmo camera, but this option (event) is not listed in the Active Listeners list. So clearly this list isn’t complete.

I suggest you contact the author of the Netatmo integration.

In my case, I see event listeners for the following integrations (in addition to the standard set of event listeners for all Core-related things):

  1. Philips Hue
  2. Nanoleaf
  3. UPB

Plus an event listener for the Nodered add-on.

You misunderstand. My Netatmo events work perfectly. I just mentioned it as an example of an unlisted, but available event type. I also have Node Red integration installed, but it’s not in my list. What is the syntax you’d use for listening to Node Red?

If it works perfectly why doesn’t it display its event listener in the list like the three integrations I listed above? Plus, as mentioned, Nodered does appear in my list of event listeners (I have it installed as an Add-on).

So at least for me, it appears that the list is accurate; however for you, not so much.

I think perhaps this is a limitiation (or bug) in the docker version of HA.
I have two HA instances, one is docker based and the other is Supervised.
In the Supervised instance NodeRed is installed as an add-on and the event handler is listed, but in the container instance NodeRed event is not listed. (just as my Netatmo handler isn’t listed).
But contrary to Netatmo (which does work well even if not being listed), typing nodered_event and click Start Listening, does nothing.