Developer tools no longer shows entity_id

Hi all,
I have noticed this for a little while now so not sure when it changed. In the states tab of the developer tools you can type in the box to search for an entity. When you select it the box changes to the friendly name but it used to change to the entity_id. I prefer it to show the entity_id as I used to search for the entity and look at the attributes to confirm that the entity was the one I was after and then copy the entity_id to use in my yaml. Now I have to go to the configuration entities page to get it.

Is there a way to get the old behaviour back?

join in here: Dev tools states shows friendly_name instead of entity_id · Issue #11938 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

It’s not only developer tools.
It’s in automations (and I assume scripts also).

Here I named two helpers the same to make it easier for me to do the templating to make the entity variable.
But that also meant I don’t know which entity is used in the UI:

as said, join in in the GitHub discussion, thats where the dev are seeing it.

Thanks guys. Clearly I’m not alone on this one! And the GitHub discussion showed that it is a more extensive problem that I thought as I program in yaml.