Development frontend

Hello Everyone. I’m korean.
I can’t speak english very well. please understand even if you can’t understand me clearly…
Currently, I am running home-assistant using virtualenv, and I have some problems regarding polymer, js and script/build-frontend. I downloaded source code for polymer and js from github, and tried to run npm run js-dev after running script/setup but the error appears. Moreover, script/build_frontend does not work(run). I was wondering if there is any other website for the solution and information relate to polymer other than home-assistant website.

  • Raspberry Pi -> debian
  • home/hass $cd home-assistant/components/frontend/www_static/home-assistant-polymer (File path)

So, you setup the development environment? What’s the error message if you try to run script/build_frontend?

Thank you for your help and Thank you for your time.

Yes, it is set to development environment.

  1. It says script/build_frontend file cannot be found

  2. Upon using virtualenv, it is composed of home-assistant downloaded from github, and .homeassistant downloaded through pip3, am I using correctly?

  3. I see an error message when I input hass command, and the location of polymer for hass command is


which is different from the one downloaded from github which is located in

(hass) $ home-assistant/components/frontend/www_static/home-assistant-polymer.

I was wondering if I need to copy and paste that github address to hass commanded polymer address