Development using VS2015 IDE

I am trying to develop HA using VS2015 IDE on Win7.
After installing the HA (py - m pip install homeassitant) and checking
that it runs correctly (py -m homeassitant --open-ui), I have tried to open python
new project/solution with ‘exiting files’ options.
Trying to run that I get the message :
No module named ‘homeassistant’ .
It seems because of folders structure.
Can anybody advice me how to set the VS2015 environment and still leave the
original structure unchanged.

If you want to work on Home Assistant you need a checkout of the git repository and not an installation.

So now I can run the HA in VS2015 environment
but as soon as the main loop starts the mouse moves very slowly,
I have idea of what is the reason, but practically I am not familiar enough
with HA so I can solve this. Will appreciate you advice .