Device and Entity naming convention

What is best practice for naming conventions of Devices and entities?

Personal preference I think, I try to keep the last byte of the ip address in device names if there is more than 1 of that kind of device, think ip cameras, sensors, switches, etc. For security zones I prefix with the zone number.

Having detailed area names and making sure all stationary devices are linked to an area helps a lot with management

I recommend you keep the entity’s name short. Include only enough information to distinguish it from another, similar entity.

You may want to include lots of other characteristics (meta-data) about the entity in its name but avoid the temptation. Should you later wish to create a template to find all entities with a common characteristic, selecting them by their name is not neat and easy. I recommend you put an entity’s meta-data in custom attributes. It’s far easier to select entities by their attributes. I provided examples in this post: