Device automations & disabled entities?

I just had the potential to use a device automation for the first time (I ended up not using it but that’s another thread) and I noticed that all of the “devices” for every single disabled device still shows up in the UI editor drop down list.

And to make it worse they’re all called “unnamed device” without any hint of why they are there or where they come from:

So to see if I could figure out where they came from I looked in my “devices” list and found that every one of them comes from the Unifi integration.

If I look at the entities for my Unifi integration I only have 10 or so actually in use and the rest are all disabled. My understanding was that disabling those entities was supposed to hide them from the system. Apparently it only hides them from the entities page and the states page. Every one of them is still being displayed in the integrations list (ironically if I click on the “75 entities” link I get taken to the entities list and only the 10 I’m using actually show up there :roll_eyes: I bet that’s confusing to a noob…)…


…and offered for use in the editor - with the attendant requirement to have to scroll thru 70 completely useless devices to find one that I might want to use. If I was even partially tempted to ever use the device automation UI editor that has given me yet another reason to stay away.

Is there some reason why disabling entities won’t automatically disable a device when the device=the entity?

Or why don’t we have the same ability to disable devices like we do with the entities?

Or more logically why don’t I have the ability to delete devices/entities from my system and block them from coming back if I so choose?

I can’t see at all as to how this counts as “make it easy”.

What am I missing?