Device class for water

We have device classes for a lot of measurements already but I think there should be one for water as well. That is a consumable in our houses that we should keep track of and try to lower.

Gas is measured with the same units FYI. cubic feet or cubic meters. I.e. set your sensor to gas and you’ll be able to see what you want right now.

EDIT: We should probably add a basic ‘volume’ device_class on top of the water too.

Yes, that is one solution, to use something else that has the same unit.
But that is not as elegant as having a dedicated device class with correct icons etc.

I agree that there is also room for a generic device class for ‘volume’.

I’m not providing a solution here, It was a work around for the time being until your FR is added.

Also you can override the icon via customize.yaml (or through the UI if your entity has a unique_id)


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Yes, I did understand that it was a workaround, no worries! Thanks a lot for your fast response!

That’s a good feature!

As you mention, the demand for new device classes will grow over time. And until they are added this is a good way in the meantime.

But I think it’s good to have the most regular classes native, code sharing is easier then, less code.

It’s amazing that the particulate matter has 3 classes and water (the most valuable resource that we have) doesn’t have any, what’s the criteria?

Domestic water usage(l, m3), rain (l/m2, mm), etc… there is a lot of uses…

Just a curiosity, the top 3 ESPhome most views topics, 2 are related to water.