Device class on counter

Hello everyone, I created a counter from the HA interface. I need to add a device_class on this counter. It works from the dev tool (status) so I’m looking to modify the counter in the yaml file permanently but I can’t find this one.
Do you have any idea where to find the counters created from the interface?
Thanks for your help

That’s not how you do it. First, UI-created helper entities don’t have yaml entries (at least not ones that are generally considered user-editable). Second, device_class isn’t a standard attribute for counter entities, so you need to add it as a custom attribute in configuration.yaml.

Sorry for my English, I use Google.
So I created a yaml file but I can’t find my counter like this this one wasn’t created

Do you see any errors in the creation of my sensor?

Thank you for your help

- sensor:
  state_class: total_increasing
  source: sensor.water_meter_current_water_consumption
  status: collecting
  last_period: "0"
  last_valid_state: None
  last_reset: "2024-03-31T08:44:55.949862+00:00"
  unit_of_measurement: L
  friendly_name: compteur d'eau garage
  device_class: water

I can’t do it can you help me?

It would be much easier to help you if you would describe, in detail, what your goal is so we can avoid an XY problem.

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