Device class question

What is the list of supported device classes. Reason for asking is the following:

When customizing my items through the GUI, the drop down menu show the options, battery, humidity, illuminance, pressure, temperature. So I assumed that’s the list.

However when readin the Homekit documentation :

I notice that it mentions in the mapping table " All sensors that have co2 as part of their entity_id or co2 as their device_class" which makes me conclude there is also co2 and pm25 etc.

So I’m confused now and the device_list page ( seems to be broken. I get that link sourced here (

So can anyone point me to the right device class documentation or section ?

It’s on that page:

Not sure why it’s separated, but the real links you are looking for are below where you are looking.

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Ok Thanks a lot, so why is the HomeKit page talking about pm25 and co2.
The mapping tables seems to indicate that sensor with co2 and pm25 in name or as device_type are automatically mapped based on their namer or type being pm25 or co2.

This at least suggests that there are other device types.

some components provide the correct information without needing a device class.

I’m looking for the same information since I’ve been able to use device_class ‘garage’ (on a cover that’s actually a garage door opener), ‘tv’ and ‘speaker’ (on media_players that appeared as switches to Google).

Would like to make Xbox (ir-controlled switch) look like something else and I’m unsure what the options are.