Device Classes for Sensors in the same way as for Binary_sensors

We already have a lot of different device classes for the different types of sensors.
So there are “Signal Strength”, “Voltage”, “Current” - and many many others.

For Binary_Sensors, we do have device classes like “Smoke”, “Window”, “Door” - to tweak the behave of the binary sensors in different ways - depending on the specific device class.

Anyway - we don’t have device classes like “Window” for entities that are NOT binary_sensors.
That’s probably due to the fact, that in most cases Windows in the US can just have a “binary state” - either they are open or they are closed.

Anyway - here in Germany (at least) - we do have windows that can be open / closed or tilted.
It would be really great, if HomeAssistant would be able to allow this kind of setup behave similar as it is for binary sensors - and other device_classes like Battery, or whatever.

it would be great, if we could use different Icon States - and also different Icon Colors for the different window States that are possible.

I am pretty sure, that I can’t use the new Icon-Coloring options to these sensors in a way like:


because these sensors do not have a device_class window that could be assigned to them.

I am really looking forward to get such option in future release to continue the improvement of the UI and design options here :slight_smile: