Device details (description, warranty, invoice, user manual, service)

I have HomeAssistant and I need to store device details on my computer. The following options are missing from the device settings:

  • Device description: Editing field to add a device description,
  • Invoice: Possibility to attach a purchase invoice for the device,
  • Warranty: Functionality that allows you to specify the warranty period (calendar fields From and To) and the possibility of attaching a warranty file,
  • User manual - Option to attach a file with the user manual to the product,
  • Service: Possibility to define the next date for technical inspection of the device (e.g. for gas boilers, air conditioning, car and others). :blush:

There is definitely no possibility to define the above details in the settings of individual devices. Adding these options will allow you to set reminders in the system about the upcoming service of the device or the end of the warranty. In addition, it will organize information about devices, they will be stored in the right place. In the brain for home, in HomeAssistant. :slight_smile:

I have recently installed the Grocy add on, which covers pretty much all of this, and a bit more- I think it’s useful, but beyond the scope of Home Assistant itself.

Technically you can do some of this, it’s just not very friendly.

      device_description: "This is my sensor"
      invoice: "Maybe not this one as it's an image - you could only reference a url"
      warranty: "My warranty stuff"
      user_manual: "Yeah you can't attach a file either, just reference one"
      service: "2028-01-01"

Then in Developer Tools under YAML you reload Location & Customizations to load updated values. However you have to wait for a state change to actually see the change. But I don’t think this works if it’s a template sensor and the sensor it reacts to changes state.

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Battery type and last changed battery date would also be awesome, when applicable.


Despite the low number of votes, I hope to see these options in my favorite HomeAssistant. :slight_smile:

My idea that I put into a WTH add a Markdown notes card to the device page.

A notes card on the device page would let you capture info about the things you mention and things like battery details.

  • what type does the device take?
  • Do i have any spares and where are they?
  • link to the manual for getting the device open without breaking anything :wink:
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