WTH Can't we add a Notes card to the device config view to write down device information?

On a device’s config view, it would be very handy to have a Markdown “Notes” card that a user could edit to remember information about the device.

Some potential use cases:

  • Battery information: Type/quantity of batteries, last changed, last purchased, where are new ones
  • URL for User’s manual
  • Device management URLs (for integrations that don’t support it)
  • Periodic maintenance details (cleaning/emptying)
  • Purchase/warranty info


Olwin notices a low battery alert from a sensor in the attic,
goes to the basement to get a screwdriver and a CR2032 replacement battery,
goes to the attic, opens the sensor, says !$#!&%!!!,
returns to the basement to trade the CR2032 with a CR1620,
returns to the attic to change it.

So, YES!

I was about to suggest the same.

Thank you!


Yes - just a free text field supporting markdown, that allows to keep any kind of note about a device/integration that might be useful in future. I might not look at the settings for months, and forget why something is set up the way it is when I have to go back to it because something stopped working. It would be so helpful to have this right within Home Assistant.

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Deja vu -.-

I second this. It would be extremely helpful to have the ability to add notes to devices, whether the date they were installed, batteries, and helpful tips/tricks/setup notes, etc.

It would work best via UI instead of YAML configuration.

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