Device & Entity ID Scope?

Can I have two devices (esp32-bme280 & esp8266-bme280) with the same sensor names?
For example esp32-bme280.temperature and esp8266-bme280.temperature.
If I look at the entities tab (http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/entities) I do not see a concatenation with device.entity.

Regards, M.

yes you can, but:
home assistant adds a numbered suffix (_2, _3, _4, …) to every sensor beyond the first.
this also happens if you connect a node via mqtt and HA-API to HA and is thus detected twice

i advise to use unique sensor names by including the nodename into the sensor name/ id

Ah… Good tip. Thank you.

Regards, M.

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Ops, sorry. I was reading as “the thread had a solution”
Regards, M.

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