Device / Entity naming convention

Just a general question, but what do you use for naming conventions on your zwave devices?
I am switching from Fibaro, where devices were identified by there Node ID and display name.
Here in HA the entity naming is quite long and confusing to keep track of, so I am considering another scheme.

There are many threads on the topic that search should find you. However, my own convention is:


So, a switch may be switch.living_room_table or a light may be light.living_room_tv. Sensors are things like binary_sensor.master_bedroom_window_left.

If I had two sensors on that window then they may be binary_sensor.master_bedroom_window_left_top and binary_sensor.master_bedroom_window_left_bottom.

Basically, as the entity ID goes on, they go from least specific (room name) to most specific (exact location).

That is a very good idea.
At default HA assigns the device type, which does not make sense when there are many more devices in the house.
Like Fibaro, the node alone is not really clear as well.

Luckily in HA, we have the freedom to change to something more readible.