Device grouping


Tasmota has a feature called device grouping.
this feature is based on multicast and works even if HA is down(WiFi of course still is required).

I was actually wondering if ESPHome also has a feature like this, unfortunately I can’t find anything in docs or on this forum.

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so I found this one

which seems to be sufficient for my case,
I will add any further questions in this revibed threat

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Stumbled upon this. I have a room with a single lightswitch and a fixture with a bulb. The lightswitch is a “switchleg” (older wiring style). Would you recommend this solution for my setup? Or point me in a better direction?

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for esphome synchronisation I would suggest

udp is really fast.

I don’t know anything about switchleg, if it can run esphome or not,

but if you only have 1 esp device you do not need communication between more devices. I that case I would just add the device to HA and use the switch.

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