Device Health

How does everyone keep track of the health of all of their devices? Z-Wave, Hue, Wi-Fi devices - one goes down push notification via IOS? What do you monitor?

I don’t do anything - honestly, stuff shouldn’t go down more than very rarely. My z-wave setup is 50+ devices installed since 2014 and running Home Assistant for the last year. I’ve had one device “disappear” and using the “test node” button in HA brought it back.

My WiFi stuff is all cloud connected (Nest, Ring, etc.) so any time there is an issue there it’s always on their cloud server.

Are you experiencing a lot of dropouts?

My battery powered sensors send a battery level report every 24 hours. HA generates a notification if it doesn’t receive it.

Battery level for z-wave, ping for wifi, heartbeat for mqtt server.
Message through pushbullet and a RBG bulb in the kitchen flashes red if there are any issues