Device Integration without giving credential to third party?

Hello! I’m new to Home Assistant and I have integrated several devices already: Insteon plugs and switches, Kasa plugs and switches, Wemo mini plugs, Google mini speaker, wake-on-lan for my two PC’s, MyQ for my garage door opener. The only one so far that I had to give credentials to a third party is MyQ! I hate it but I need to integrate it with my Home Assistant. I also have a Nest thermostat but I think it will ask for sharing my credentials so I did not even attempt to integrate that. I’m surprised the Google mini speaker integrated without asking for sharing my google credentials! Anyway, I’d really hate devices that are prorpietarily controlled by the manufacturer. I don’t want an Insteon-like experience where I wasn’t able to control my Insteon devices for several months when the company folded down leaving users helpless.

Every integration listed here:

Has this information:

You are looking for integrations listed as “Local polling” or “Local push”.

Thank you for your valuable information. I appreciate it very much.