Device is already configured

I have 34 devices in my HA universe, all of which have been recognised perfectly. Except for one. It does not appear in the device list and is not deactivated.
When I try to add it manually via the IP, I get the message: Device is already configured.
I have compared the mac addresses of all active devices with the problem device and there is no match.
How can I throw out the supposedly already configured device and add it as a new one?

We really need more info on this. Please take a look at this link.

What device list isn’t it in?
How are you adding it manually?
What is giving the message?
What are you trying to add?

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Ok, of course, I should have described it more precisely.
Various Shelly devices are installed and functional. These also appear in the Settings/devices & services/devices list.
I tried to add them manually under “+ add device”. The error message is: Device is already configured. In any case, this is the translation in English.
I am trying to add a Shelly 3EM. Several of these are already integrated without any problems.

Thanks for the info, I’m not using any Shelly equipment so I won’t be able to help, however the additional information you have provided might spark someone to help.

Using the IP of your Shelly, can you reach it via the browser?

Are you configuring Shelly devices with static IPs or are you using DHCP?

Check your config/.storage directory to see if you can find the device in there. Searching by MAC address will probably be easiest.

But, before you change anything (knowing the risks that come with fiddling with the internal config): When did this issue start? Did this device ever work from HA?

The 3EM can be accessed and configured in the browser. All Shelly devices are configured with a static IP address.

I am using Home Assistant core on a Raspberry. To be honest, I have no idea where to find config/.storage.

I can’t date the problem exactly, this one Shelly 3Em was simply either not found when setting up the Raspberry about 2 months ago. Or it was installed and then disappeared. Unfortunately I can’t say, as I’ve only just checked the devices.

Then the full path is very likely this:


In there, run:

grep -i "<mac_address>"

Let me know if you find anything.

Thank you very much, that was the magic trick. I found the device, deleted the whole entry and then restarted HA.
It then automatically detected the 3EM and this time integrated it successfully.

For people who have no idea about HA at all, i’ll add:
To be able to open the path, the Samba share must first be installed under add-ons. Then you can open the IP of your Home Assistant with the file explorer and edit the files there.

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And a general disclaimer: Do not edit these internal storage files unless you really know what you’re doing and only if there’s no alternative. You can break your system. Also make sure you have working backups.

I had the same issue after attempting to add a light bulb via the MagicHome integration using the bulb’s IP address, and @parautenbach and @bambuz soution to delete the entry from storage and restart worked.