Device metric missing from Tuya Integration

Hello Friends! I’m looking for someone with experience with the Tuya Integration. (Installed from Add-On store, not HACS.)

I had a couple of devices working through the integration without any issues. I just added a third device, a pellet stove, to the Smart Life app and it showed up in HA just fine but one metric seems to not be updating.

From the Smart Life app everything is good. Current temp, set temp, power mode, etc.

In HA, the device seems to not be updating the current temperature. (Shows -4F all the time.)

I logged into my Tuya project and opened the device debug link. Looking at the UI for device debugging it seems the component for temp_current is disabled. (Grayed out and the cursor indicates disabled when I point to it.)

This is where I got lost.

These seem to be the methods to send commands like turning the stove on and setting the desired temperature so it makes sense that the temp_current property would be read only in this environment.

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot the situation any further. In the device debugging environment I do see logs for the device where it is showing a report of Current Temp but this seems to not be making it to Home Assistant.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Some values are not standard and you need to active the DP Instruction but these values will not read by HA Tuya.
To see all devices values can be export you can click on :
Tuya Cloud/Devellopement
Choose yout projetc and click on Devices menu
So open the device list (with “…” at the right of the screen)
and click on the eye of the device you want to know.

The standard instruction values are read by Tuya HA
The DP instruction are not read by Tuya HA

You can get the device status with API explorer (Tuya cloud) to see the json answer