Device number limits and reliability concerns - am I wrong?

Hi All,

So I’ve been testing ZHA a on a small scale recently… However with house renovation nearly complete I’ve just ordered over 50 IKEA tradfri bulbs…

My concern is will one Conbee II be ok with all these? I know once the mesh is up and running not all will be directly connected.
Additionally I’m likely to have approx 20 remotes (mainly aqara D1’s) which will be child devices (I’ll add these after all the lights).

Essentially will this be ok in terms of numbers wise (I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 4gb version) solely dedicated to home assistant?

Reliability wise given this will be all (!) the lighting in my house can this be relied on?

I was thinking of binding some tradfri dimmers (free with some of the bulbs) to groups of lights as a backup for if HA is down but I’ve seen some folks seem to have similar scale setups without issues but not sure if they went smart switches instead of bulbs and wireless switches.

Yes, it will. I have 60+ devices without any issues and only a bit more than 20 are mains powered.

These work with WiFi, so nothing to do with your ConBee.

FWIW, I run smart bulbs and wireless switches for 3+ years, with the only downtime being when I moved Home Assistamt from a Pi to a NUC.

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The Aqara D1’s are ZigBee switches as far as I know! I’ve just ordered 15 of them!

Looking forward to all the tinkering… Have setup some automations with door and motion sensors using placeholder bulbs until we get back in to the house and it’s worked as expected.

I’ve bought the A2 or whichever SD card was recommended and moved to an external DB to maximise reliability of the Pi itself.

Other than that I may simply take a snapshot regularly and have a backup Pi ready to go at any point.

My bigger concern was the ZigBee reliability but from what I’ve read that should be fine.

I have over 50 tradfri lamps as well as remotes and outlets.
All connected to a conbee using deconz. All working fine for 2 years

Great. I had issues with random lights not being available with previous tradfri’s (very early models) attached to a hue hub. ZHA certainly seems more solid and less picky of brands etc.

I’ve had the very occasional situation where a light has frozen. I’ve since realised that my WiFi was overlapping my ZigBee channel. Since I’ve changed that all has been good

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Haha sorry, I somehow automatically read Wemos D1 xD

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